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We are a company which produces and retails our own Belgian-style chocolate items and products – with stores in Johannesburg, Cape Town & Durban. We are not a franchise, but rather create and manage our own outlets. We do not franchise our brand, name or products.

Please note all online payments are to be made through Payfast Payment Gateway to ensure a safe and secure transferal of payments. All standard-item orders will take 3-5 days to complete or deliver, and under no circumstances can we ensure delivery before the aforementioned times. Personalised/non-standard products will come with their own specific lead times that will be defined by Geldhof Chocolatier staff.

All products remain property of Geldhof Chocolatier until payment has been made in full and you have received your product.

All returns are subject to a scrutiny of post-purchase handling of items, such as whether the product was kept in a cool & dry environment, if it was treated neglectfully, etc…. As the producer and distributer of our chocolates, we constantly strive to ensure the highest level of quality from our products and will not sell an item which does not meet our exacting standards of quality.

Refunds can only be processed once we have received the Proof of Purchase & can ensure the product(s) has not been tampered with or opened. Any product that is eaten, opened or damaged by the customer will not be refunded. It remains at the discretion of Geldhof Chocolatier and its employees to decide whether a refund is applicable.

Delivery is supplied by Sendr or by courier, depending on the type of delivery service needed. Sendr is a delivery service that specializes in motorcycle & van deliveries within the Johannesburg Area. All deliveries made elsewhere in South Africa will be sent with a refrigerated courier, however, we cannot ensure nor promise that our chocolates will remain in the condition they left us in, and do not take responsibility for any damage incurred during transit. Geldhof Chocolatier will provide you with a quote, or you may book your own courier. All deliveries, unless stated otherwise by Geldhof Chocolatier, are to be charged to the customer.

All complaints must be sent to . Please note that we try to reply as fast as possible, but that is not always possible due to workload. If your complaint is not dealt with in 3-5 days, please send through another email or contact us on (+27) 11 792 8346.

Geldhof Chocolatier reserves the right to change our prices at any time and without for-warning.

Replacements of products, or their decorations, will always be cleared with the customer before the completion of the order. We can not ensure any specific colours, styles or patterns of our decorations, as we may not always have in stock.

All items and products displayed on this website ( are subject to stock availability and chocolate-mould availability.

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